The First Night

I’ve had my first ever session on wordpress–and I like it!

I’m getting used to the functionality of the platform and working out how to make it work. I’m not to sure I’ve settled on the final theme yet…and I’m already tempted to part with some cash to make things a little more flexible…perhaps once I see how things pan-out and I’ve done a little more revision!

My major achievement has been to add the whole of the FFICM curriculum as categories and then form a menu. The menu appears somewhat cumbersome, and I’m not too sure it its going to be as functional as I intended. The idea of mapping to a curriculum always makes my spine shiver–but, this is a revision site, and if I don’t stick to the curriculum, I’ll end up just focusing on the trendy topics.

So there you have it, I have a structure and I’ve got a feel for how it works, the next step is to start populating the pages with some resources…


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