My name is Matthew Jackson, I’m a Anaesthesia & ICM trainee, with an interest in educational research and LMIC education. I’m co-chair of NWRAG and trainee representative for the AIM course.  I like experimenting, trying out new things, and getting distracted…

I’m currently revising for the FFICM, using lots of #FOAMed resources. I’m getting a little frustrated that material for the old DICM has become out-dated and there’s been nothing spesifically written for the FFICM at present.

While some might argue that my time would be better spent just studying, I thought I’d try my hand at developing my revision notes into something based around the FFICM curriculum. If it works, it’ll continue and I’ll hopefully be joined by some co-web-itors. If it fails, it’ll fold!

What I’d ultimately like to see is a curated collection of up-to-date revision resources for those studying towards the FFICM. The UK curriculum is based upon CoBaTrICE which is a pan-European competency based curriculum…many of the revision resources I’m using at present aren’t from the UK

This site is not sponsored by anyone, and written by me in my own free time…I’d be grateful for any feedback about how to move this venture in a use-able direction…


Thanks for visiting,


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